This automated platform is designed to provide services to at-risk individuals during COVID-19 in Georgia, U.S.A by matching volunteers. To help ease the uncertainty, anxiety, and fear surrounding this pandemic, we match volunteers to you to personally deliver groceries or other essential shopping necessities to those who may prefer to stay within the safety of their own home for free. This is a free delivery service. Not a free grocery service.

You must pay for all your groceries via cash or electronic payment methods. This service is only provided in Georgia.

This service is only provided in Georgia. You must be currently living in Georgia to get help or volunteer

Please click the box in front of "I'm not a robot"

By clicking the button below and submitting your information, you agree that IVolunteer International Inc., will use your provide information to match volunteers to you. This system matches volunteers to those who need help utilizing zip code. You also agree and understand that IVolunteer International Inc., is not liable for any injury or damage of any kind as a result of volunteering for or receiving services from this service.